About Me

shmileSo this is me, and this is my life.

How dramatic. That’s totally not me.

I am from styrofoam cups. From goldfish crackers and blue Kool-Aid. I am from the trees in the backyard (colossal, magnificent). I am from salmon-colored geraniums, the willow tree that droops on a rainy day and glistens when the sun shines.

I am from late-night blackjack and mustaches, from Billy and Leone. I am from the hard workers and big dreams. From “Children are to be seen, not heard” and “You’re wilder than a tree full of owls.” I’m from Be Thou My Vision, with a pocket bible and an unashamed love.

I’m from Amarillo and the Baxter Bunch, chicken fried steak and black eyed peas. From my grandfather landing on a wing and prayer, the            consciousness my father lost at a bar…above a pig pen gate.

China cabinets filled with old report cards, delicate floral china plates replaced with pictures of prized show animals, dusty blue ribbons, and countless pictures of century-old Aunt Ruth, with her firey-red hair, and me smiling ear to ear.

I am from those moments and those smiles, grown before I sprouted, another lead off of the family tree.

I am me. Who are you?


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  1. Hi, I’m Mary! Thanks for following my blog!

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