Nearly sanctified, nearly broken.

This’ll be short, but the truth needs to be said.

This summer, God decided to reveal himself in the craziest and most mind-blowing ways. He took my walls and shattered them, took my heart and replaced it, and shoved the most loving and kind hearted people I’ve met into my life.

God said “come as you are” and told me to be vulnerable. This is what He taught me:

1. The forgetting of self results in joy.
2. His love is boundless. It never fails and never ends. His love is so great that our human minds cannot comprehend it.
3. God takes tough situations and struggles that break you into pieces and weaves those pieces together into something beautiful.

4. God knows I’m rough around the edges. He knows that I have road rage and a bad temper in the mornings. He doesn’t ask for me to be perfect–He asks for me to have a genuine heart and a love for Him and others. The rest He sorts out himself.

5. God renews a broken heart and a broken spirit.

6. God knows you. God’s power in unfathomable–His knowledge incomprehensible. His grace as numerous and the breaths we take.

I am filled with joy. The creator of bagels, squirrels, oxygen, and blue skies loves me more than any other creation–took the most time out of all other creations to focus on a human like me. He is jealous for me.

God is so good. So good.

newly committed and renewed. He’s not just a camp high, people. He is life.


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