The storm within you.

Our bones are like concrete. A foundation built to last. Each bone interconnecting with another to ensure safety…although some bones get broken…they always come back. Interconnecting with ligaments, which hold the bones together like super strong bicycle shocks.

Those bones are wrapped with a blanket of muscle, each interconnecting with another by tendons, strong and stretchy like a rubber band that never pops. With these muscles, we hug, we laugh, we shake and bounce, we shimmy when Michael Jackson comes on the radio, we nod our head at a stoplight when a super bass-y song comes on, we belt out Beyoncé. With these muscles, we make food, we make good and we make bad, we can turn pages with these muscles and with these muscles we can run. We can run to wherever our heart desires.

Woven through these muscles, we have rivers and streams. Rivers and streams of red blood, constantly pulsating through these blankets and bones. Pulsating until they reach the pond of our heart, and then circulated out again. These rivers and streams are never-ending, and sometimes they can be telling of our heart’s desires. These streams speed up when we hear a heart-wrenching song or see a good movie.

Sometimes our streams feel like they’ll flood because the current goes so fast.

Sometimes our streams feel like they’ve stopped completely.

There’s a lot in-between our muscles and our skin (which thank God our skin is washable, otherwise we’d be in a big mess). There’s the tree of our lungs, or the deep black hole of our throat. There’s our fingers (which look totally sausage-y and I find that hilarious). There’s our toes, which I have yet to discover why people write songs about them but I suppose they’re functional.

There’s our brain, which powers all of this mass of metaphors. The giant pink cloud right in the middle of our head. It contains electrical currents and stores everything that you should have studied a little harder for. It loves, it hates, it desires, it lusts. The giant pink cloud is good and it is bad.

But this big mass is nothing but beautiful. This big mass that we call our body causes feeling and causes tears. It causes laughter and it causes smiles.

Thank goodness nobody would take this beautiful creation for granted. God has put a whole world inside of us. He has put trees, clouds, rivers, streams, ponds, concrete, and pearls.

There is nothing bad about this body we live in. Don’t, for a second, think there is something bad about it.

God has taken you and made you a beautiful creation.


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