Thus Far: First Semester of College

First thing I said before I wrote this was basically “Honestly, nobody really cares about what I’ve learned thus far.”

And quite honestly, that was probably right. But the thing is, the thing that has comforted me the most while here at college is how people relate to you. How people say “Oh my goodness I am so glad that you’re not sugar coating that.” or “It IS so hard” or “Okay, this definitely isn’t as bad as everybody said it would be.”

It seems as though those words of affirmation and relation are what get people, especially people that have moved away from their familiar lives, through the day.

Here’s the things I’ve learned, very non-sugarcoatedly so.

1. Making friends is easy and hard at the same time. Easy in the way that everybody is trying to do it, hard in the way that people just don’t always know how to react to your personality.

2. Rollerblading down the hallway of your dorm with an American flag jacket is generally looked down upon by the RA (but admired by your peers). And you will get written up.

3. Follow your heart and mind at the same time. Recognize that God gave you a mind for a reason, but he also gave you a big hearted spirit for a reason too.

4. People say the freshman 15 is a myth. My scale says it’s a surpassed goal.

5. You will miss home so painfully much. But at the same time you won’t. This new life is so exciting that you never want to leave. But when things get confusing or overwhelming, you just want to go back to your old life.

6. Peer pressure is a very, very real thing.

7. Never take friends for granted. Always acknowledge people, even if you’ve just met them. It makes their day.

8. Professors cuss and have dirty minds and it’s hilarious.

9. WHATABURGER IS LIFE. (this has a direct correlation with #4)

10. God can be a best friend in times of distress. God can be guidance. If God is your comfort, you’re doing something right.

11. You immediately are demanded to be a woman. Not a girl who posts cat pictures and llama pictures (which is still occasionally necessary) but a woman. A woman of character, ethics, leadership, and a woman that stands firm in what she believes. When on your own, or semi-on your own (like I am), it’s like being thrown into a landfill of ideas and values that you must pick through to understand what you stand for yourself.

12. Club Penguin comes back into your life like a wrecking ball. That’s literally how much you’ll procrastinate. THAT’S HOW LOW IT’LL PUT YOU DOWN. (#11 was not included while I discovered this).

13. God is good, God is beautiful. He takes all situations and makes them beautiful.

14. You learn what you’re truly passionate for.

15. If you think you’re a big deal, you’ll get humbled fast and you should let it happen.

16. You truly discover that mind-boggling, overwhelming, mysterious, and beautiful creature that is yourself.

17. People are so cool. There is no other word and there are so many different people to meet. There is a lot you can learn from an individual and they deserve to be listened to. People are to be studied just as much as your schoolwork.

and finally

18. Friends are family and coffee is nectar of the gods.

You see, I can proudly say this best adventure in the world. I’m throwing away what I’m familiar with to pursue my dreams. I’m surrounded with education and surrounded with people with ideas that can potentially change the world. To be surrounded with educators and agriculturalists and engineers and idealists and artists and writers and people who refuse to be closed minded is the best adventure.

I haven’t even scratched the surface. But this experience isn’t something to be wasted.


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